5 Best Soundbar Mount For Samsung TV

Do you want to buy a soundbar but aren’t sure where to put it in your home theatre setup or on a stand? Then a soundbar mount is a perfect solution.

Some mounts are even movable, allowing you to choose from various locations. Soundbar mounts are fantastic in any case since they eliminate the requirement for shelf space, allowing you to take advantage of your home’s unused vertical space. 

The best part is that soundbar mounts are reasonably priced. That implies you won’t have to pay a lot more money after you’ve already spent a lot on your soundbar. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best soundbar mount for Samsung TV.

Buying Guide For Best Soundbar Mount For Samsung TV 

When looking for a new soundbar mount, keep the following considerations in mind:


A good soundbar mount will keep your soundbar from shaking, vibrating, or crashing to the ground. Look for a soundbar mount made of solid materials, and check the weight capacity to ensure it’ll work with your TV and soundbar.

Ease of Installation

If a soundbar mount is impossible to install without the assistance of an expert, it isn’t worth anything. Many excellent soundbar mounts are available, with quick and simple installation techniques that reduce the number of tools and work required for a secure installation.

Size & Design

It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation when mounting your soundbar to your wall or television. As a result, double-check that the soundbar mount you’re considering is compatible with your TV mount, size, soundbar width, and weight. The good news is that the finest soundbar mounts work with a wide selection of hardware, so selecting the right one for you shouldn’t be difficult.

Best Soundbar Mount For Samsung TV

  1. Excel Life Universal Soundbar Mount

For those looking for a soundbar mount with a bracketed design and a quick installation method, the Excel Life Universal SoundBar Mount is another alternative. This product is a rarity because it offers three color options for those looking for something other than a standard black mount. 

It has a 33-pound weight capacity and a clampable design to prevent distracting vibrations from the soundbar. We also like how this device has rubber pads on the bottom to protect your soundbar from scratches. This soundbar mount also extends to 5.5 inches, giving it a great fit for some of the larger soundbars on the market today.


  • Clampable design to prevent distracting vibrations from the soundbar.
  • Easy installation


  • The anchor screws are too short to fit through the bracket and into the anchor far enough to engage it.
  1. YIWAN Universal Soundbar Brackets

The YIWAN Universal Soundbar Brackets are an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to interfere with their TV while installing their soundbar mount. This soundbar mount is one of the easiest to install, thanks to its robust metal structure and 30-pound weight capability. 

Use the accompanying installation hardware to secure the brackets to the wall, and you’re ready to go. This device is also perfect for those searching for a low-profile solution since once your soundbar is mounted on the brackets, they are virtually undetectable. Make sure your soundbar is less than the maximum width of 5.12 inches to ensure a good fit.


  • Great Soundbar Mount option
  • Sturdy


  • Adhesive quality is poor
  1. WALI SBR201 Universal Soundbar Mount

Quality mounting equipment for extra-large flat-panel TVs might be difficult to come by. For customers with TVs ranging from 32 to 70 inches, the WALI SBR201 Universal Soundbar Mount makes mounting your soundbar a breeze. This soundbar mount has black brushed steel brackets that can hold up to 33 pounds of weight, making it suitable for most soundbars on the market. 

This model features a distinctive curved shape and is very easy to install, requiring roughly 10 minutes or less. Depending on your hardware and tastes, you can install this soundbar mount in various ways, and it looks beautiful whether you choose a top-mount or bottom-mount option.


  • It is easy to install
  • It can withstand a soundbar with a weight of about 33 pounds.


  • Major sag with heavy soundbars
  1. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount

The most popular book Because of its distinctive design, the Dream Soundbar Mount wins our Best Overall award, making finding the optimal setup for your hardware a breeze. This mount comes with detachable long and short extension plates that can swivel up to 180 degrees to reach your soundbar’s mounting holes. 

It’s compatible with fixed, tilting, and full-motion TV wall mounts, making it one of the most versatile options on the market. While its weight capacity of 22 pounds is lower than many other soundbar mounts, it is still more than capable of safely holding the vast majority of soundbars.


  • It has a detachable long and short extension plates
  • It’s a versatile soundbar mount option


  • Poor instructions

How to Mount a Soundbar to the Wall

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work after figuring out your placement and mounting options. Step-by-step instructions for mounting a TV and soundbar to a wall can be found here.

  1. Mount the Plate: A TV bracket typically has two components: a plate that mounts to the back of the TV and a bracket that mounts to the wall. Begin by mounting the plate to your TV, then measure the distance between the connection points where the plate will hook onto or connect to the wall bracket.
  2. Measure: Next, measure the distance between the lowest connection points and the TV’s bottom. It will show you exactly where the wall bracket should be installed to get the TV’s bottom in the proper position.
  3. Find the Studs: Use your handy stud finder to find the studs that line up with your wall bracket mounting holes. Make marks on the wall where the lag bolts will be used to connect the bracket to the wall. Never mount a TV to drywall alone; always look for and utilize studs for a secure installation.
  4. Check the Cables: Ensure your electrical and audio/video cabling is in the appropriate spot concerning the bracket before drilling any holes. If you’re putting a sound bar behind the TV on the wall, ensure you have adequate connection cables running from behind the TV to behind the soundbar so you don’t see a cable connecting the two. Remember that a power outlet behind the sound bar, or a powerful extension that allows you to plug the sound bar into the outlet behind the TV, is required.
  5. Drill: Drill some pilot holes in the wall to make the included lag bolts easier to attach once you’re sure your cabling and power cables are aligned with your bracket. Ensure the wall bracket is level before installing it, as most wall brackets do not offer those adjustments.
  6. Lift: Get a couple of helpers to lift the TV to mount it on the wall bracket. Three persons are ideal because two can hold the TV while the third can get behind it and connect all the video, audio, and power connections before placing the TV on the bracket.
  7. Level: Make sure your sound bar wall mount is level with your TV before mounting it below it on the wall where your optical or HDMI cable protrudes. Because most sound bars are light, drywall anchors are usually sufficient. If you’re using an articulating mount, you’ll need to connect the sound bar to the articulating arm below the TV. Many products are available that are expressly developed for this purpose.

Where’s the Ideal Location for a Soundbar?

Have you ever wondered where you should install your soundbar?

If you have a TV console, the best way to use a soundbar is to place the TV stand in the back and the soundbar at the front of the console. It should only be done if the console has enough area for the TV stand and the soundbar to be completely supported.

If something is stacked on top of each other or hangs over the side, you should utilize a separate configuration. You may require a new soundbar.

What is the Best Option For Soundbar Mounting?

When installing a TV and sound bar, these are the two most frequent solutions. Which is better: wall-mount or tabletop?

Although this is primarily a cosmetic option, I have a couple of arguments in favor of wall mounting. For starters, it is generally a safer installation. Large flat-screen TVs are often top-heavy, making them easier to knock off their stands. In addition, wall mounting allows you to place the TV exactly where you want it rather than being constrained by the height of the furniture you sit it on.

The sound bar is subject to the same argument. But, in this case, it’s usually advisable to accomplish whatever you’re doing with the TV while also taking into account the TV mounting method. (For more information, see the section below titled “Wall Mounting Options.”) You can place the sound bar on the wall exactly below the TV if you use a flat or tilt bracket. If you have an articulating arm, however, you should attach the sound bar to the arm itself so that the sound follows the angle of the TV.

It also raises the issue of whether a soundbar should be placed above or below the television. I recommend installing it as nearly 42.5′′ off the ground as possible (again, where your ear falls at a seated position). In 95 percent of real-world installations, this is often below the TV.

Is It Okay to Place a Soundbar Behind a TV?

A soundbar may not always fit where it is supposed to. You might be tempted to put the soundbar behind the TV if you have a short TV and a thicker soundbar. It is possible, but it is not ideal.

By obstructing the sound waves, placing a soundbar behind the TV will diminish the sound quality. Soundbars are intended to be placed immediately beneath your television, with nothing in front of them.

If you’re short on room, there are a few possibilities for where you can put your soundbar. There will be some positions that are better than others. Wall mounting, for example, will necessitate a little more effort. There’s usually a method to ensure the finest watching and listening experience, even if it requires ingenuity.


Well, that’s it for some of the best soundbar mount for Samsung TV. The list was compiled taking into consideration the pricing and features for your tiny space, but the quality of all of them is excellent. The best option for you will be determined by your budget and must-have features.

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