Are Open Back Headphones Good For Gaming? Find Out!

Are Open Back Headphones Good For Gaming? Every gamer appreciates the genuine and lifelike sound quality provided by open-back headphones. Nobody wants echoes in their headphones when gaming, so open-back headsets are preferable to closed-back headsets.

Things are foggy, though, until you understand the features of each headset model and compare them to your requirements. Headphones are an absolute must for individuals who desire a personalized, uninterrupted, and high-quality music experience. 

Open-back headphones are a popular choice among consumers, with various brands and styles to choose from. Open back headphones are common among high-end headphones. Are open back headphones good for gaming? Let’s start!

Are Open Back Headphones Good for Gaming?

Are open-back headphones better for gaming than closed-back headphones? Open-back headphones are comfortable to wear and create a natural sound. 

Open-back headphones are a fantastic alternative for gaming if you don’t mind being bothered by background noise or upsetting others. The design of open-back headphones features an exposed (or open) year cup. The speaker inside the enclosure is not waterproof. As a result, audio is directed towards the wearer’s ears and out the exposed back of the headset.

Compared to the closed design, this mechanism generates a clear acoustic sound. The ear cup of open-back headphones retains less heat than closed-back headphones. It is due to the open ear cup housing (protected by a mesh or grill), which allows for excellent ventilation.

Even when used continuously, the wearer does not need to vent the ears. Such traits will be extremely advantageous to a tough gamer. Apart from the added benefit of ventilation, open-back headphones allow the wearer to appreciate their surroundings fully. It means that even when users are immersed in a game, they are aware of their surroundings.

Furthermore, because the user can hear their voice, it can prevent them from speaking too loudly when using headphones. After considering all of these factors, open-back headphones can be an excellent gaming option.

Open Backs vs. Closed Backs Headphones

We’ll compare open-back and closed-back headphones in this portion of the article. This comparison will help you understand the differences between the two types of headphones and which is best for gaming.

The open-back headphone’s backside is designed to enable sound to escape. As a result, the user will not notice increased sound pressure. On the other hand, closed-back headphones will provide a stuffy sound. Closed-back headphones are the greatest form of headphones to utilize if you’re a recording artist. Sound will never leak into microphones, ensuring that your recordings are not spoiled.

In a word, a decent open-back headphone design allows you to hear the natural sound. However, using it in public is not the best idea. Open-back headphones leak a lot of sounds, so if you sit next to someone, he or she can hear everything you’re saying. Furthermore, when wearing open-back headphones, you can hear ambient noises. Open-back headphones are not the best choice for listening to decent music in public.

Open-back headphones nowadays are made of lightweight materials. As a result, you can wear them for longer periods without experiencing any discomfort. They are usually larger cups that surround the ears and are rather comfy.

The shape of the rear of the cups is the fundamental distinction between open-back and closed-back headphones. Closed-back headphones have closed cups (which is why they’re called ‘closed-back’ headphones). These headphones prevent sound from leaving the cups and keep outside noise at bay.

Closed-back headphones have several disadvantages, one of which is that they cause the wearer’s ears to sweat. It is because closed-back headphones are not at all breathable. If you plan to use them for an extended period, take frequent breaks and allow perspiration to evaporate. Furthermore, they can store heat.

Is It Possible to Get Open Back Headphones with a Microphone?

Headphones are used to listen to audio without bothering others and get the greatest sound quality possible. However, in many circumstances, you’ll want your headphones to include a microphone.

It is especially true in the case of gamers. Most multiplayer games encourage players to interact with one another while playing. The use of a microphone is required in this situation. So, are there any open-back headphones with microphones? The easiest response is yes!

There are many open-back headphones with a microphone available. Because there are so many alternatives, a thorough study is required before selecting an open-back headset with a microphone. We’ve done the legwork for you and will provide some excellent examples later.

Pros and Cons of Gaming with Open Back Headphones

This section of our post will go through the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing open-back headphones for gaming.

Pros of Open Back Headphones For Gaming 

1. They don’t trap heat.

One of the most important benefits of open-back headphones is that they do not accumulate heat. It is owing to the closed-back designs’ design. The rear of the headset is open, allowing air to flow freely without producing sweat or discomfort. Isn’t that the minimum need for any avid gamer?

2. They give off a natural sound.

An open-back headphone’s sound output is quite natural. These headphones do not produce a stuffy sound due to their open-back design.

You can listen to ambient sounds with them.

While playing a game, being aware of your surroundings is a highly useful option. While wearing the headphones and listening to the audio, you can hear if someone calls you, the doorbell rings, or any other external sound.

3. They are portable.

Lightweight open-back headphones You may wear them for a long period without feeling uncomfortable because of their lightweight and visible breathability. If you enjoy gaming, you will appreciate it greatly.

4. They are extremely relaxing.

Modern open-back headphones are designed with the user’s comfort and audio quality. To provide optimal comfort, they come with padded earmuffs and headbands. As previously stated, open-back headphones do not retain heat and do not cause you to sweat. As a result, overall comfort is very great.

Cons of Open Back Headphones 

1. They are “not as private” as closed-back headphones.

Open-back headphones are not the greatest solution for people who prefer more privacy. The ones next to you can hear what you’re listening to because they’re designed to be ‘open-back.’ As a result, you should avoid using them in public.

2. They do not reduce external noise.

If the background noises are too loud, you can’t anticipate the greatest results with open-back headphones. Because the cups are not covered, outside sounds can leak in just like the sound leaks out of these headphones.

Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

1. Philips Fidelio X2HR


The Philips Fidelio X2HR occupies an intriguing niche in the market for mid-priced open-headphones. They’re simple to use and sound great even when connected to your computer’s motherboard. They’re a steal, especially when compared to headphones like the HE400s or HE400i. Let’s take a closer look at the review below.

First and foremost, the headphone’s build is quite sturdy. The earcups are composed of high-quality plastic that appears like metal, and the headphone does not creak. The Fidelio X2HR’s overall materials, including real leather, steel, and velour earpads with memory foam, give it a luxury feel and appearance. A genuine leather strap covers a hammock design constructed of dual metal tubing on the headband. A self-adjusting hammock headband rests on the head beneath the leather strap. The ear cups are large and come with removable padding. The X2HR has a detachable cable that connects to the cable connector on the left earcup.


  • Fantastic bass
  • Comfortable for extended periods
  • Construction quality


  • Mids are slightly recessed.


2. Audio Technica ATH-AD700x

There are now six headphones in the Audio Technica ATH-AD series. The first AD-series headphone I tried was the Audio Technica ATH-AD700. It’s simple to drive and sounds spacious and open. Continue reading for a detailed analysis.

The ATH-AD700x has a good build quality. They aren’t as durable as Beyerdynamic headphones, but they feel solid. The headphones are composed of plastic, giving them a cheap appearance. However, I believe this is to be anticipated at this price point, and they are fairly durable. The earcups are made of plush velour and are connected by two metal wires. The cables and earcups are both sturdy. A pair of lightly cushioned plastic headbands with a spring-loaded mechanism makes up the headband. The tightness of the headphones causes them to float when you put them on.


  • The sound is quite detailed.
  • The soundstage and separation are excellent.
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Non-detachable long cable

Conclusion on Are Open Back Headphones Good For Gaming?

Are open back headphones good for gaming? As you may have seen, open-back headphones have their own set of features. They’re great for gamers who want to feel comfortable while being aware of what’s going on in the background. Although open-back headphones are not ideal for listening to music in public, they are ideal for audio in a private setting without feeling stuffy.

If you’re a gamer, a model with a microphone is the ideal option. When playing multiplayer games, such a device is required. You can use these open-back headphones to listen to music in addition to gaming.

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