5 Best Party Bluetooth Speakers With Lights 

There is one piece of equipment that can easily make or break a wonderful party for those who enjoy throwing one. An excellent sound system puts everyone in a good mood and keeps them there, as long as the music is good!

It might be difficult to decide which option is ideal for you, especially with many possibilities. We’ve compiled a list of the best party Bluetooth speakers with lights on the market to assist you. 

Can You Damage Speakers By Playing Them Too Loud?

Is it possible for your party Bluetooth speakers with lights to get damaged when you play them too loud?

Yes, it is correct. Too much volume can harm even the greatest bass party speakers. There are various reasons why this disaster could happen to you, and you’ll be aware of them.

There are two ways to overload low-frequency speakers and subwoofers, both mechanical. When you overpower the subwoofers, you lose power because the voice coils are damaged. Before starting a session, you must always double-check your subwoofers’ gain settings and wiring.

Is 100 Watts Loud Enough For a House Party?

Are you wondering if 100 Watts is loud enough for you to have a house party with your friends or family?

100W systems are loud enough for informal gatherings of 25-50 individuals outside. You’ll need to invest in more powerful and louder outside Bluetooth speakers if you need anything more. If you’re having a 50-75 person indoor party, 100 watts will be plenty. With fewer individuals, it will almost certainly be overkill.

Keep in mind that the volume level is determined by various elements, including speaker position, sensitivity, acoustics, and more.

Are 500 Watts Loud Enough For a Party?

Are you wondering if 500 Watts is loud enough for you to have a house party with your friends or family?

In a nutshell, no. No power means your speakers aren’t loud enough to be heard over the background noise.

One of the criteria that influence how loud a loudspeaker can be is its ability to handle power. Its perceived loudness will be influenced by its dispersion, efficiency, and sensitivity properties. Furthermore, a speaker that reproduces a restricted frequency range can be significantly louder than a speaker attempting to reproduce the entire frequency range. 500W speakers aren’t louder than 200W speakers.

Furthermore, keep in mind that doubling the power only results in a 3 dB increase in volume, which isn’t much. All of these difficulties must be addressed right away when selecting speakers.

However, the louder the speaker, the more power it uses. For example, the louder the speaker, the more power it uses, but the louder it is, the more power it uses, and the more power it uses, the louder it is. It is an excellent example of how deadly specifications may become in the hands of those who do not fully comprehend them.

Best Party Bluetooth Speakers With Lights

1. JBL Partybox 710

The PartyBox series of Bluetooth speakers from JBL has taken the portable party speaker industry by storm; with a slew of useful extra features and JBL’s typical loud sound, the PartyBox speakers are on all party host’s wish lists.

If you’re looking for something big enough for a house party yet small enough for a beach getaway, the 710 model is the best option. However, transportation is achievable because of the smooth-running wheels and easy-grip handle. The PartyBox 710’s weatherproofing is limited to a few light splashes because of its perfect location.


  • The sound can fill any space or outdoor area.
  • At the touch of a button, you may create exciting lighting patterns.
  • Features for karaoke, such as effects.


  • Due to its large size and weight, it isn’t easy to transport.

2. Sony SRS-XP700

Portable, loud, adaptable, and party-friendly are just a few adjectives to describe Sony’s SRS-XP700 speaker. The XP700 is a significant upgrade over the XP500 in size, volume, and overall power.

The XP700 is protected by a portable cabinet that can endure spills, dust, sand, and extreme humidity conditions. Built-in adaptive equalization technology monitors the speaker’s surroundings and adapts for any acoustically problematic situations to offer superb sound, irrespective of where the party is taking you.

Balanced, crystal-clear, and pounding audio quality may be achieved at a listening level of 99dB with the XP700. Furthermore, front and rear-mounted tweeters deliver multi-directional sound that readily fills any room.


  • At all volumes, the sound is tight and extremely clear.
  • Mobile apps provide additional functionality and management.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Although quite hefty, it is relatively easy to transport.

3. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Exos-9 speaker from Aiwa is the next entry on our list of the best portable party speakers. A speaker who can pump out some decent noise is crucial for individuals who like to party. With the indoor/outdoor configuration, they’re also a perfect alternative for putting up in the garage or back yard for summer barbecues.

A 6.5″ dual-voice coil subwoofer is included among the five drivers, which, when combined, deliver 200 Watts of power, making this Aiwa’s loudest portable Bluetooth speaker. The 5-band inbuilt graphic equalizer with four presets and fine-tuning controls everything.

We wouldn’t call this sound system the best on the market, but it does the job.


  • A 6.5″ dual-voice coil subwoofer is among the five drivers.
  • Battery life of up to nine hours.


  • For a truly portable sound system, it’s a little heavy.

What Do I Consider When Choosing the Best Party Bluetooth Speakers With Light?

What are your plans for it?

What qualities are most important will determine where you plan to utilize your speaker.

If you’re planning on throwing a house party, a lower-wattage speaker that can comfortably fill a room or two with sound will suffice. Because you will have walls that can display the LEDs, projection of the light show is also vital to get the most out of 360-degree light shows and complicated patterns.

You’ll always be near a power source with indoor parties, so your speaker system’s battery life and portability won’t be an issue.

When it comes to outdoor parties, though,

What genre of music do you listen to most often?

Your favorite musical genre also influences which of the best Bluetooth speaker with lights show is perfect for you.

If you listen to EDM, R&B, or other types of traditional party music, the bass is crucial to getting the most out of your speaker. To make your music shine, use a boombox style speaker or at least one with bass optimization options.

Because of the thundering basslines in this music, an LED light show that synchronizes to the beat will provide maximum delight. Speakers with DJ features such as a built-in microphone and audio effects can also be great party starters.

If you’re seeking a solution, on the other hand,

Who will make use of the speaker?

The intended use will determine the design and audio qualities you need to search for in a Bluetooth speaker with a light show.

If you’re buying a gift for a child or a teen, the design is crucial in keeping them occupied. It’s critical to choose a speaker with an acute and engaging look and a brilliant and colorful light show that will keep kids entertained for hours.

It’s also crucial to choose a speaker with a simple design that doesn’t require much fiddling on the device or in an app. The primary priorities are to keep things simple, loud, and colorful.

Additional features are critical for aspiring DJs when choosing the best Bluetooth speakers with lights.

What’s your spending limit?

How much are you willing to pay? This is the question that will determine where you begin searching for a speaker.

There is a range of fantastic budget solutions for those trying to save some money. They contain brilliant and colorful light shows with various options that you may manage with a single button press. Budget speakers are likewise small and lightweight, with a maximum volume ideal for indoor gatherings and celebrations.

If you have a little more cash to spare, many fantastic mid-range Bluetooth speakers have light effects. These solutions normally have a more sturdy build that is weather and damage resistant. They are frequently larger units.

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

You may stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker using a Bluetooth speaker.

When Bluetooth was first developed, it was intended for short-range communication. Even though the ISM band and other technologies like frequency hopping have now evolved into the norm for further wireless communication applications, it enables it to work on the IoT and other wireless communication systems with low power requirements.

As a result, Bluetooth speakers are ideal for any party, including a speaker and amplifier, Bluetooth, and a rechargeable battery. It’s possible to have wired connectivity when you select the right type and computer brand.

It’s possible to adjust the volume and turn the speaker on or off, but there’s also a button for pairing the speaker with another device.


Depending on your budget, desired music style, intended location, and who will be using the speaker, there are many Bluetooth speakers with light shows on the market.

It can be intimidating if you’re just getting started, so we’ve broken down all of the best party Bluetooth speakers with lights.

Whatever your budget or speaker requirements, we have you covered!

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