Can Roku Remote Control Bose Soundbar? Here’s How To!

The key question is “Can Roku remote control Bose soundbar?” This publication supplies the answer you need to decide what soundbar you need. So, if you have a Roku TV remote, fasten your seatbelt and read.

A Roku remote can control a Bose soundbar, thanks to Bose’s participation in the Roku TV Ready program. This connectivity is possible using the HDMI cable for your TV to automatically adjust its internal settings to control the soundbar.

Bose is a legendary-performing audio brand, and the partners thought partnering in Roku’s program would be a great customer solution. The idea is to simplify how you set up and control your Bose soundbar.

Can Roku remote control Bose soundbar?

Roku remote controls Bose soundbar due to Bose’s participation in the Roku TV Ready program. Do note that not all Bose soundbars are eligible for this program.

Roku TV Ready enhances and ensures problem-solving communication between your Bose soundbar and TV. It allows Bose to access information required to set up and make sure their participating soundbars work with Roku remote control.

You only have to plug in your Bose soundbar over HDMI, and your Roku TV’s internal settings automatically adjust to match the Bose soundbar.

The seamless on-screen access allows to do the following:

  • Control your different Bose soundbar sound modes.
  • Control volume.
  • Mute and more.

Bose is known for audio excellence. A reliable name in the audio industry, and by partnering with Roku, another giant, customers see their experience with Bose soundbar and Roku TV become even more convenient.

How do you know if Bose soundbar is compatible with Roku Remote?

Not all Bose soundbars support your Roku TV remote, especially the older models released before the program. You can also tell if a Bose soundbar is compatible or certified Roku TV Ready.

First, search for the Roku TV Ready certification logo on the packaging of your Bose soundbar. You can also refer to the user manual, or go to Bose website.

When you confirm that your Bose soundbar is Roku TV Ready, the next step is to connect it via the HDMI port or HDMI ARC port as labeled on your Roku model.

With HDMI ARC, your Roku TV sends audio from the streaming channels, also allowing you to control your certified Bose soundbar.

HDMI eARC also works like HDMI ARC. However, it provides support for advanced surround sound formats and plays higher audio quality. HDMI eARC also features audio and video lip-sync technology.

Roku wireless speakers not compatible with Roku TV Ready Bose soundbar

If you have Roku wireless speakers connected, you will face an incompatibility problem. Roku designs the wireless speakers to work exclusively with other Roku devices, including your TV. It does not work with Roku TV Ready products such as your certified Bose soundbar.

The solution is to disconnect your connected Roku wireless speakers from the Roku TV. Before setting up the Roku TV Ready Bose soundbar, follow the instructions below to disconnect the Roku wireless speakers:

  • Pick up your Roku TV remote and press the Home button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Remotes & Devices.
  • Select Audio Devices & Speakers.
  • Select About for wireless speakers.
  • Hit Forget Device to disconnect your Roku wireless speakers.

After disconnecting Roku wireless speakers from your Roku TV, disconnect the wireless speakers from the wall outlet and connect your certified Bose soundbar to the HDMI eARC or HDMI ARC port.

How do I connect my Bose soundbar to my Roku remote?

You would get an unprecedented audio quality when you connect your certified Bose soundbar to Roku. Your TV remote will then allow you to control the Bose soundbar, including your TV and its basic functionalities.

It is not difficult to set up a Roku TV Ready Bose soundbar as the remote control will automatically adjust to the correct settings.

Summarily, connect one HDMI cable from the Bose soundbar to the HDMI eARC or HDMI ARC port TV port. Your Roku TV will detect your Bose soundbar and automatically initiate the setup process.

Do the following to set up a Roku TV Ready Bose soundbar:

  • Go to Settings. Get your Roku remote and go to Settings by pressing the Home button.
  • Go to Audio. Select Audio from the options on the screen.
  • Select the Audio Mode. Set the Audio Mode option to Auto (DTS) for Roku TV to automatically detect your Bose soundbar.
  • Set S/PDIF and ARC. Open S/PDIF and ARC in the Audio menu, select Auto-Detect, and exit the Audio settings menu.
    • Go to System Settings. Simply select System in the Settings menu.
  • Select CEC (Control Other Devices). 
  • Set CEC. Mark the checkboxes for ARC (HDMI), System standby, and System audio control so that your Bose soundbar can be controlled by your Roku remote.

Bose soundbar plugged into wrong port notification

The HDMI ARC port or HDMI eARC port lets your Bose soundbar and Roku TV communicate with each other using the HDMI cable.

However, you may get the wrong port notification when you plug in your Bose soundbar. Do note that HDMI ports are not created equally.

You want to inspect the connection to ensure that your Bose soundbar is properly connected to the HDMI port labeled “ARC” or “HDMI ARC” (or sometimes “HDMI eARC” or “eARC”).

Check your user’s manual for the correct port or contact Bose and Roku to know the correct ports on the respective products.

Bose soundbar no sound

Sound is the primary function of your Bose soundbar, so if no sound comes from it, you have a configuration problem to fix.

After connecting your Roku TV Ready Bose soundbar to Roku TV, everything should be okay and connections should be automatic. If no sound comes from the Bose soundbar, or only come from the TV’s built-in speakers, consider looking at the following common issues:

  • Check if your Bose soundbar is muted

Your soundbar could be muted, so no sound will come from it. Check if the Bose soundbar is muted, if not, check the volume. The volume may not be at an audible level. You should also check the TV to see if it is muted.

You should also have a visual indicator on your TV screen, which should match your Bose soundbar’s volume level. If there is no indicator, install a new set of batteries in your Roku remote and try again.

  • Confirm your selected audio input on your Bose soundbar

The selected input on your Roku TV Ready-certified Bose soundbar could be the culprit. If you selected an auxiliary input or Bluetooth, your Bose soundbar will not produce sound. Switch the soundbar to HDMI input whenever your Roku TV plays sound through your Bose soundbar.

  • Inspect the HDMI ARC ports

If inspecting the mute/volume and selected audio input does not fix the problem, inspect the HDMI ports. First, ensure that you followed the correct setup process to get your Bose playing sound. If not well-set-up, the sound will come from the Roku only.

Confirm that the Bose soundbar is properly connected to the HDMI ARC port of Roku TV. You want to make sure no cable is faulty. Always try out new cables to be sure it is not a faulty cable problem.

Bose soundbar shows not Roku certified on my Roku TV

As mentioned earlier, Bose soundbar needs to be certified to run the Roku TV Ready program. After setting up your Bose soundbar, the notification message “Soundbar not Roku certified” shows incompatibility. But there is a fix if you do not run a very old Bose soundbar.

The solution is to update your Roku TV. Check if your Roku TV runs on Roku OS 9.3 or higher. If not, you have to install the update.

Roku designs your TV to continually run on the latest software version randomly every 24 to 36 hours. This means that your Roku TV regularly checks for a new software update available for download, beginning from the initial setup and after you power it on.

Roku automatically downloads and installs updates without interrupting your movies, games, and more. You only have to ensure that your Roku TV has an active internet connection.

If you have disconnected Roku TV from the internet for a long time, connect it again to manually check and install a software update. After the update is completed, the certification notification should disappear.

How to set up your wireless Bose soundbar subwoofer

Your Bose soundbar may arrive with a subwoofer, depending on your purchase options. If you included a Bose subwoofer or a different brand of subwoofer during purchase, you can set it up after setting up your Bose soundbar.

Bose typically includes a wireless subwoofer in their Roku TV Ready soundbar as an optional part of a package. Note that your subwoofer connects to your Bose soundbar and not your Roku TV.

To set up your subwoofer, enable the wireless connection option on your Bose soundbar and the subwoofer. Pair both devices and start enjoying deep bass in your apartment.

Follow the steps below to connect your subwoofer to Bose:

  • Plug in your subwoofer and soundbar to the power outlet.
  • Press the SoundTouch button on the remote control.
  • Hold 7 on your remote control until you get a connectivity indicator on your Bose soundbar blinking white. After connection, you will get a glowing white connectivity indicator on the soundbar, and a tone from the subwoofer.

To connect additional speakers, repeat the steps above. Note that you may be able to pair up to 2 subwoofers.

Also, if your subwoofer is already connected to the Bose soundbar through a wired connection, you cannot use wireless connectivity.

Refer to your Bose user’s manual for further instructions to set up or even troubleshoot the woofer. Bose also provides setup and troubleshooting resources on their website.

Bose Roku TV Ready soundbar

You need a Bose soundbar certified for the Roku TV Ready program. As mentioned earlier, Bose announced their Roku TV Ready soundbar, which allows you to use your Roku remote.

Below is the Best Bose Roku TV Ready soundbar you need:

Bose TV Speaker

Bose TV Speaker is a soundbar that features the Roku TV Ready program. You also have the option of including the subwoofer in your package.

Below are the reasons you need this Bose TV soundbar to complement your Roku TV:

Bluetooth connectivity

This Bose soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity that covers a wider range, so the size of your room does not matter. You only have to press the “Bluetooth” button to pair this Bose soundbar with other wireless devices, including the subwoofer.

TV sound

With Roku partnering with Bose on this one, you can expect the best sound rendering when you connect this soundbar to your Roku TV.

The setup is also simpler, and you can control this soundbar with your Roku TV. Speaking of sound, it is crisp, clear, natural-sounding, and balanced. You can hear the speaker’s breath coming from your TV.

More bass

You love that cinematic that keeps you glued to the sound. Of course, this Bose soundbar is bass-rich and will immerse your room in deep bass even without a woofer. Just press the “Bass” button on your remote for more bass.

More clarity

With the dialogue mode button, your Bose soundbar elevates the vocals for you to clearly hear and understand the words clearly. Press the “Dialogue mode” button on your remote to get going.

Easy setup

Easy setup also means easy use, and this Bose TV soundbar is user-friendly. It is built on simplicity and consumer affection, which is why Bose goes to the length of signing it up on Roku’s program.

Input options

There are multiple input options, including AUX, HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), and Optical.

Build materials

Bose understands your love for high quality, and as such, this TV speaker has been designed with a metal grille on the front and a matte finish on the top to match your contemporary room.

Final thoughts on Can Roku Remote Control Bose Soundbar?

Thanks to Bose’s participation in the Roku TV Ready certification, controlling your Bose soundbar with the Roku remote is now a seamless and convenient process.

Roku also promises to extend the Roku TV Ready program to other manufacturers to help enhance uniformity and compatibility.

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