Does LG Sound Bar Come With Optical Cable? Find Out!

Does LG sound bar come with optical cable? It certainly does. By connecting the TV to the soundbar through an optical fiber cable, you may experience deep and rich sound.

Do you want to know how to connect an LG TV to a soundbar using an optical cable? It’s straightforward, and I’ll lead you through the process in this article. While the setup is straightforward, it’s easy to get stuck on one particular step that isn’t covered in any guides.

How Do I Use an Optical Cable To Connect My Soundbar To My TV?

As the methods below demonstrate, attaching soundbars to an LG TV is not difficult. It is, nevertheless, critical to verify that your gadgets are compatible with optical cables.

Identify the port’s position where you will attach the optical cable to your LG TV before moving on to the next stage. The LG TV port is easily identifiable because it is branded optical audio out or Toslink. Remember that optical cables are digital cables, so anything that says optical should be the one you’re looking for.

The soundbar’s optical port will look the same, but the label will read Optical Audio Input instead of output.

Follow the procedures outlined below to connect the soundbar to the LG TV effectively:

Step 1: Turn on the devices.

Start by connecting the LG TV and the soundbar to the wall socket and turning them on. Ascertain that the connections are safe and secure.

Step 2: Remove the Optical Cable’s Plastic Caps

Examine the cable’s end to find the translucent plastic protecting the lens. Grasp the very end of it with your fingertips. The cap should then be removed by pulling straight back.

Step 3: Connect the Optical Cable to the Devices

One end of the digital optical cable should be inserted into the LG TV’s digital OPTICAL OUT jack.

Next, insert the opposite end of the cable into a similar optical input on your soundbar. To do so, use an optical cable like the Digital Optical Audio Cable to link the OPT.IN jack or Digital Audio IN (Optical) port on the back of Connect the soundbar to the TV’s OPTICAL OUT connector.

Check the cable connection twice.

Step 4: Choose the OPTICAL option.

On TV, change the input source to OPTICAL. Press the FUNC button on the remote several times. You might also keep pressing the F button on the unit until the desired function appears. If the OPTICAL function is available on the remote control, you can select it by pressing OPTICAL on the remote control.

Step 5: Turn both devices on.

Switch on the devices once they’ve been connected, and then follow the setup instructions on your LG TV and soundbar. To hear the sound, select the digital optical output for your source. Look for PCM settings under the audio settings if it still doesn’t work.

Step 6: Set D.IN as the soundbar’s source.

Finally, set the soundbar’s source to D.IN.

What Is The Best Way To Connect My LG TV To Optical Audio?

Follow the steps below to connect your LG TV to optical audio if your TV is successfully linked to the optical cable:

  • Locate the down arrow and click Sound setting 
  • Select TV speaker, and click on either the right or left arrow to turn off the TV speaker 
  • Select the close button to exit 
  • Press the Home button on the remote 
  • Point and click on settings, followed by the sound menu (it has a picture of the speaker)
  • Locate the down arrow and click Sound setting 
  • Select TV speaker, and click on either the right or left arrow to turn off the TV speaker

The soundbar attached to your LG speaker should now receive audio signals from the TV through the optical cable.

Is It Better To Use HDMI Or Optical To Connect A Soundbar?

Although the variations between the two types of soundbar cables are minor, they are worth noting. While both connections provide excellent audio quality, the HMDI soundbar enables video and audio signals to be transmitted across devices, making it a better choice when used with your TV, Blu-ray player, game consoles, and other devices.

As a result, fewer HDMI cables will be required to connect your devices. On the other hand, a digital optical connection produces consistent and stable audio, making it somewhat superior to an HDMI cable.

Optical cables transmit audio signals from a source to a receiving device via a pulsating light wave. Because they only transmit audio, you’ll need a separate cable to send video and photos between your devices.

When Would You Use An Optical Cable? 

“Do I need optical audio if I have HDMI?” is a question many people ask.

Only digital audio signals are transmitted using an optical line, but HDMI enables audio and visual transmission. If your device does not support HDMI, an optical audio connection is an excellent option for transferring audio between the two devices.

You can also play compressed DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and uncompressed stereo audio using the wire. Optical cables are also commonly used to link TVs to hi-fi sound systems or soundbars and connect CD players to amplifiers.

What LG Soundbar Is Compatible With An LG TV? 

The sound quality from your LG TV’s internal speakers may not be as good as you’d want, but when partnered with the best soundbar, the problem is solved. Not all soundbars, it appears, will work with your LG TV speakers. The following are some of the best soundbars:

1. LG SNC4R 

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t had something terrible to say about this soundbar or its TV compatibility.

First and foremost, the sound is flawless. It also blends in flawlessly with your surroundings, bringing the next generation of immersive acoustics right to your door.

Say goodbye to wasting hours on end fiddling with settings. Return to enjoying life while your soundbar and TV take care of the rest. The feature Adaptive Sound Control is built into your speakers. It detects the type of sound being played.

More than just a thundering external subwoofer is included in this sound system. Two back speakers directly connected to the other devices immerse your senses in a 360o acoustic motion.


  • It is as advertised, according to users.
  • The bass vibrates the earth while the conversation remains crisp.
  • The music mode is just as good as the surround immersion when watching movies.


  • The wifi connection may drop from time to time if there is a lot of obstruction.

2 . LG SN6Y 

The LG SN6Y soundbar is compatible with a wide range of TVs and other devices, but it fits flawlessly into an LG TV. The soundbar’s stylish appearance will look great in any modern living room and perfectly complement your television. The soundbar is compatible with LG UHD series TVs and other models.

With this LG soundbar, you can turn your living room or bedroom into a home theater. The soundbar includes a subwoofer to provide excellent audio clarity and punch. The soundbar is tiny and traditional, making it suitable for all types of apartments or houses. The soundbar is black and made of sturdy materials.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology is supported.
  • Allows for connecting through both HDMI ARC and optical cable
  • For a home theater experience, use virtual surround sound.


  • Wifi isn’t available.

3. LG SL5Y

LG’s audio quality is exceptional. It pays attention to the details by remaining faithful to the original recording. Some designs may not even consider the details of improved audio quality. This isn’t true.

Sounds that you’ve never heard before will be heard. And, yes, it’s one of the most highly recommended soundbars under $300 on the market.

Your loudspeaker automatically adjusts audio profiles and sound levels. There will be no heart attacks when that unexpected commercial appears.


  • This is as excellent as it gets for connectivity when it comes to LG systems.
  • The soundbar and subwoofer are automatically paired.
  • The sound is never distorted and is always evenly distributed.


  • The soundbar’s design may be too tall for some TV panels.

What Should I Do If My LG TV’s Optical Output Fails?

Even after establishing a successful connection, your soundbar may occasionally fail to emit sound. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting your internet connection.

Follow the steps below after placing your audio device close enough to the TV you’re connecting. Please note that a spring-loaded door or a detachable plastic plug may be used to protect the optical cable port.

Step 1: Press Home on your remote, then select Device Connector.

Step 2: Choose the sort of device you’re going to connect.

Step 3: Select the port to which it should be linked.

Step 4: For the Audio output, choose the type of connection you want your TV to use. Please note that if your TV asks you to modify your sound settings at this point, click YES.

Finally, you can use AUX to connect your soundbar to your television. Check out our post on optical vs. AUX for connecting your TV if you’re not sure which is best.

Bluetooth is also a viable choice. If you have an older television, though, you can use RCA.

Conclusion on Does LG Sound Bar Come With Optical Cable?

The optical cable creates a sound that is steady and reliable. Some even argue that they transmit sound somewhat better than HDMI cables. It uses a pulsed wave of light to send audio signals from one place to another.

Optical cables are famous among home entertainment system owners because they deliver high-quality sound.

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