Does Roku Soundbar have a Sleep Timer?

Does Roku soundbar have a sleep timer? It would be quite counterproductive for any soundbar brand not to have this feature, let us find out.

Unfortunately, the Roku soundbar does not have a sleep timer feature yet. Perhaps, Roku is replacing this feature with the 4-hour Bandwidth Saver, which serves a similar but vastly different function.

If you have a Roku soundbar connected to your TV, when your TV sleep timer activates, your Roku soundbar will continue to play. Roku does not also design the soundbar in a way that your TV sleep timer can disable it. Ridiculous, right?

Can you put Roku soundbar to sleep?

You can put the Roku soundbar to sleep but this will be unconventional because Roku does not provide the sleep timer feature.

Without a sleep timer function, your Roku soundbar will always stay on but with the alternatives mentioned in this article, you can put it to sleep.

You can use the bandwidth saver which turns off the soundbar after 4 hours or install a mechanical or digital plug-in timer. In some cases, you would have to manually turn your soundbar off or unplug it.

How do I set the sleep timer on my Roku sound bar?

There is no sleep timer option. However, this section shows you how you can use a mechanical or digital timer plugin to set the timer.

Alternatively, you can use the Bandwidth Saver feature to automatically turn off your Roku soundbar after some time. The Bandwidth Saver feature is originally designed to prevent Roku soundbar owners from exceeding their monthly data limit by halting streaming after 4 hours of inactivity.

If your Roku soundbar streams for 4 hours without receiving a command from your mobile app or remote control, Roku considers it as inactivity. After 4 hours, Roku displays a screen prompt requesting you confirm that you are still using your soundbar.

If you are still using your Roku soundbar, you select Keep Streaming so that the Roku soundbar continues to play sound. However, if you do not respond, Roku will stop your soundbar after some time and exit the playing channel.

If this notification pops while using a channel you play for more than 4 hours without using Roku remote or mobile app, select Don’t Ask Again for the particular channel to stop the notification.

How do you stop Roku soundbar inactivity timeout?

You can disable the inactivity timeout that stops your Roku soundbar from playing if the Bandwidth Saver function is enabled. Follow the instructions below:

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Bandwidth Saver.
  • Select Off.

How do you enable sleep timer for Roku soundbar?

As explained above, Roku does not support a sleep timer yet. Moreover, the 4-hour bandwidth saver feature is not a convenient way to enable a sleep timer for your soundbar.

To unconventionally enable a sleep timer for a Roku soundbar, you need an electronic or mechanical plug-in timer. You can get one from your local hardware store or online.

With a mechanical or digital plugin, you do not have to trash your Roku soundbar. Just enable the sleep timer device, it works just fine to time, and disable your Roku soundbar.

The timer device allows you to adjust your listening time. Also, if you manually disconnect it from the power source, your Roku soundbar will not turn off after the set time.

How does a plug-in mechanical timer work?

For this section, we look at how a typical mechanical timer works.

A mechanical timer allows your soundbar to work precisely on timed cycles. It uses simple technology, including springs, gears, a pendulum, or a balance wheel. These components combine to make sure the mechanical time stops your soundbar from playing after the set time.

A mechanical timer relies on the force that you provide. When you set the timer by turning the dial, the time device receives the required power to complete the timing cycle.

The springs are compressed as you turn the timer. When the spring unwinds, the gears are rotated, which moves the dial on the timer. The timer spring unwinds to complete the set cycle. Depending on your timer model, you may get a bell sound at the end of the cycle.

  • Escapement. The escapement component controls the speed of the spring while the mechanical timer unwinds. The escapement also functions to make sure the unit remains in sync with the time.
  • Pendulum or balance wheel. The rhythm of the catch-and-release cycle of the escapement in your mechanical timer is controlled by one device – the pendulum or balance wheel. The pendulum swings back and forth according to its length and bottom weight. The balance wheel continuously turns in one direction and then the other (back and forth), it relies on the force provided by a tiny spring.

Best Plug-in mechanical timer

As it stands, you need a mechanical timer to set the sleep timer for your Roku soundbar. You may also get a digital timer if you do not feel comfortable with vintage life.

Below are the best plug-in mechanical timers:

Philips 24-hour indoor plug-in mechanical timer

Although the Philips mechanical timer was not built with Roku in mind, it happens to accommodate Roku soundbars perfectly. This timer allows you to set a sleep timer for your Roku soundbar.

Below are features you stand to experience with this Philips mechanical timer plug-in:

Override switch

This mechanical timer uses a seamless override switch that interrupts the timer cycle when you are not using it. Thus, stopping your Roku soundbar from playing, saving time, energy, and money.

Push pins

The setup process is easy, thanks to push pins, which also allow up to 48 on/off options that can cycle without you resetting the timer.

Automate lighting

This timer uses 30-minute intervals to personalize on/off times and varied schedules. It operates on a 24-hour cycle.

Polarized outlets

This indoor sleep timer works on your grounded outlet to produce power. It also uses 2 timed polarized outlets for automation. see on Amazon

HBN indoor timer 24-hour plug-in mechanical indoor mini timer

HBN is another sleep timer solution that automatically turns off your soundbar after a set time. With this device, you no longer have to ditch your Roku soundbar. Below are features this mechanical timer offers:

Safety rating

This grounded timer outlet is controlled for safety. Its electrical rating: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 1875W, 15A Tungsten & Resistive, 1/2HP.

Pin dial

This HBN mechanical sleep timer uses a built-in pin dial that helps to set the sleep timer for your Roku soundbar. Press the toggle pins down to turn On or keep them up to turn Off the timer. HBN arrives with the timer pins pressed down, you have to pull them up to set up the timer.

Soundbar automation

This mechanical timer works for Roku soundbars. You can automatically get your soundbar to stop playing when you are not actively using it.


HBN designs this mechanical timer to allow you to schedule Roku soundbars the way you want. It has up to 48 on/off settings daily. You can schedule it to time for as little as 15 minutes. When you plug in the device, your settings repeat daily.

Mini timers

In the box, HBN offers you 2 mini timers so that you can conveniently use them in 2 different locations. see on Amazon

DEWENWILS light timer with 2 polarized outlets

DEWENWILS understands your need to sleep-time your appliance such as the Roku soundbar. You have this mechanical timer to do the job with the following features:

Pole outlets

This timer carries two 2-prong outlets on both sides for use with your Roku soundbar. You can connect an additional appliance to enable the timer for your soundbar and the other device.

Repeat schedule

Get to experience a timer that supports 30-minute intervals, and has up to 48 setting options daily. Set the pins up to turn On or down to turn Off. The interval is repeated daily.


The programming process is straightforward. Turn the dial of the timer to the current time, push the pins down to set the On time, or pull them up to set your Off time. You can set the manual override switch to ‘Timer’ mode, then plug the timer into the outlet.


Not only is this timer safe, but it is also reliable. This timer is ETL certified and uses fireproof ABS material. It maxes at a 15 Amp power rating to ensure safety.


Performance aside, it is designed compactly. Portable and excellent for any room size, small or large.

see on Amazon

Note: If you do not like the mechanical options, you can buy the digital timer below:

Techbee digital infinite repeat cycle intermittent timer plug

Techbee gives you a contemporary sleep timer that replaces the missing sleep timer in your Roku soundbar.

Below are the features this sleep timer uses to sleep-time your Roku soundbar:


This Techbee digital sleep timer can do daily on-off timer, countdown, and turn on/off timer, as well as short on-off cycle timer.


It takes away the vintage touch but you get to experience digitized sleep-timing. It has a large screen that displays digits and numbers and can memorize your programs even when there is a power outage, thanks to its built-in battery.

Energy saving

This digital sleep timer is your extended Roku solution for automating your daily routines. It reduces energy consumption, thus, reducing your energy bills when it automatically turns off your soundbar.


The countdown and turn-off mode function reduces the plugged-in time of your Roku soundbar, which prolongs your soundbar’s service life.


This device is housed in a fireproof case. It also uses a child lock for operational safety.  see on Amazon

How to set a plug in mechanical timer for Roku soundbar

In this section, we look at how you can set your plug in a mechanical timer. Follow the steps below:

  • Find an electrical outlet nearest to your Roku soundbar.
  • Turn on the manual switch on the unit to enable the timer.
  • Plug your timer into the outlet.
  • Set the current time. Set the current time by aligning the bold arrowhead on the present time by turning the dial in a clockwise direction. Depending on your timer device, the lines below the numbers may be in increments of 30 minutes or a different minute. You may not have to touch the pins to set the current time.
  • Set the start time for your Roku soundbar to turn off and pull the timer pins to the Off direction until your desired On time.

For instance, if you want to turn your Roku soundbar Off at 5 am, and On at 5 pm, you pull up the pins between 5 am and 5 pm.

Plug your Roku soundbar directly into the timer device and turn it on for the timer device to work properly.

Depending on your timer device, the AM may use white while the PM uses dark gray markings.

Are mechanical timers reliable?

Apart from sleep-timing your Roku soundbar, mechanical timers are reliable. Moreover, you can easily install and use it without a professional’s assistance.

Users report that mechanical timers are quite reliable and safe for the home environment. Speaking of durability, the switch is quite durable due to its design simplicity.

Although mechanical timers are rigidly built with good mechanical parts, they may not keep accurate time permanently. Gradually, the mechanical parts begin to wear and tear, this particularly depends on how often you use the timer.

Worn mechanical timers do not keep accurate time, so you have to calibrate them. Your local repair shop may be able to fix them instead of getting a new one. Note that giving your timer for repairs without informing the manufacturer may void the warranty.

When the AC power to the timer is cut off, your Roku soundbar stops working. You may also have to program the time again. On a digital timer that uses a battery, so AC cutting off does not stop the soundbar or reset the timer.

Final thoughts on Does Roku Soundbar have a Sleep Timer?

If more users request a sleep timer function, Roku may be willing to add this feature in later models.

You can share your requests for a new feature such as the sleep timer for Roku soundbars. Search the community for existing requests. If you find any, simply add a Kudo to show your support. If you do not find a request regarding adding the sleep timer in the Roku soundbar, create a thread for it.

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