Does Samsung Soundbar Work With LG TV? Find Out!

Does Samsung Soundbar Work With LG TV? Many tech companies create peripherals that are exclusively compatible with their core technologies (Apple, for example). As a result, it’s only logical to inquire if a soundbar must be the same manufacturer as your television. Does Samsung soundbar work with LG TV? 

LG TVs and Samsung soundbars get along swimmingly. In most circumstances, you should be able to connect the two in various ways. Some of these alternatives are wired, such as HDMI, while others, such as Bluetooth, are wireless. The optimum option may be determined by the capabilities and connections of your particular television. 

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for instructions on how to connect your Samsung soundbar to your LG TV and get the greatest sound quality possible. If your TV supports both options, we’ll explain how to connect the soundbar in the sections below and our recommendation for which method is ideal. So let’s see whether we can not only connect your soundbar but also optimize it for sound!

How Do I Connect My Samsung Sound Bar to My LG TV?

Different cords are used to connect a Samsung soundbar to an LG TV in the most typical manner. You can make the connections through an HDMI cable, a digital optical cable, or even an auxiliary cable. The TV needs to be set to the appropriate setting, and the provided cable must be plugged into both the soundbar and the television. 

The three most popular cables for connecting a Samsung soundbar to an LG TV are outlined here, and the methods to connect them.   

Connecting Your Soundbar With HDMI 

HDMI cables have become the most often used cables for connecting soundbars such as those made by Samsung. 

If you follow these procedures, connecting your soundbar with an HDMI connection is straightforward: 

  • Connect your HDMI cable as follows: Connect one end of the wire to your sound bar’s OUT HDMI connector and the other to any HDMI input on your TV. 
  • Connect another device to your sound bar’s INPUT HDMI port: This may be a Blu-ray player, a cable box, a video game system, or anything else you want to watch on TV. Plug the HDMI cable into that device and plug the other end into the sound bar’s INPUT. 
  • Connect everything and turn it on: Make sure your soundbar is connected, then turn both the soundbar and the television on. 
  • Choose the HDMI port connected to your soundbar: Locate the soundbar in your TV’s “source” menu. It should now function with all of the devices connected. 

The soundbar should distinguish which HDMI ports are inputs and which are outputs. If it doesn’t appear on the TV despite following the other instructions, ensure the cable is plugged into the proper port on both the TV and the soundbar.

Connecting Your Soundbar With Digital Optical

Because of the speed with which they can carry information, digital optical connections give excellent sound quality. 

In no time, your Samsung soundbar will be connected to your LG TV through a digital optical connection by following the procedures below: 

  • Plug in your television and soundbar: It’s better if you have everything on for this process to function. 
  • Cable connection: Connect one end of the cable to the sound bar’s output and the other to the digital optical input on the TV. 
  • On your soundbar, press the source button: Both the soundbar and the remote control should have a source button. 
  • Press the source button to bring up the setting “DIN.” 
  • Go to the TV’s home menu and look for the following settings: Go to settings by pressing the home button on the remote.
  • In the sound menu, go to sound settings and select: The sound menu is represented by a speaker-shaped symbol. Locate the sound settings by clicking on it. 
  • Turn off the TV speakers: You should be able to turn off the TV speakers in the sound settings. The internal speaker will be turned off when you click it. 

You should only hear sound from the soundbar with the TV speakers turned off.

Connecting Your Sound Bar With an Aux Cable 

The quality of an aux cable isn’t the best, but it’s one of the simplest to use. Connect one end to the soundbar’s input (look for a headphones jack) and the other end to the television’s output. 

Turn on both the soundbar and the television after you’ve finished. The soundbar should now behave like a built-in speaker on the television.

Will a Wireless Samsung Sound Bar Connect to My LG TV?

So far, we’ve looked at the various cables that you can use to connect a Samsung soundbar to a television, but what about wireless connectivity? When it comes to LG TVs and Samsung soundbars, can you use wireless features from both brands? 

Several LG Smart TVs support Bluetooth. These can be used to pair with a Samsung soundbar that has Bluetooth capabilities. 

If your Samsung soundbar and LG TV both have Bluetooth capability, you should be able to connect them with the procedures below: 

  • Toggle pairing mode on with your sound bar’s remote control: The remote for your soundbar should have a pairing button on it. It’ll search for your TV if you press it. 
  • Change the sound settings on your television: You should be able to access advanced options through the settings menu. Sound adjustments are available there. Select them with your mouse. 
  • Go to sound out to find your device: It would be helpful to have a “Sound Out” button. Please press the corresponding button. There should be an “LG Sound Sync Bluetooth” option there. It will look for your Bluetooth device if you select it.
  • From your speaker, select Bluetooth: It may take a couple of minutes for the two to pair, but once it does, you should be good to go! 

If your Bluetooth device does not connect, press the pair button again and restart the process.

What are the Best Soundbars for LG TV?

  1. Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Although not all speakers are compatible with LG televisions, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 features a universal panoramic sound function that will undoubtedly improve your home theater experience. 

No matter what type of video our testers played on this device, it produced crystal clear audio suited to our intended viewing experience. Its 3D surround dispersion matched the TVs’ lightning-fast response time and rich image the best.


  • The sound is poised, substantial, and well-judged. 
  • a large soundstage 
  • Excellent app with excellent ergonomics.


  • No HDMI passthrough.
  1. LG SN11RG

The LG SN11RG is a soundbar that also serves as a surround sound system. It packs a lot of punch into its four boxes, and if you have the room (and a TV big enough not to be overwhelmed by the soundbar), it’s a very effective option. 

The soundbar includes center, left, and right channels, width drivers, and a few upward-firing Dolby Atmos drivers. The wireless rear speakers each have a forward-facing and upward-firing driver, and the wireless subwoofer has a 7-in driver to offer the multichannel soundtrack’s ‘shock and awe’ components.


  • Dynamic and expansive movie sound
  • Its bulk is effectively hidden. 
  • The back speakers and subwoofer are well integrated.


  • Not particularly musical
  1. Polk Audio Signa S2 with Wireless Subwoofer

The Signa S2 is a universally compatible soundbar that will work with your 4K and HD TVs. It is one of Polk’s most coveted audio systems. The Signa S2’s Polk Adjust Technology exposes all of the sound nuances and intricacies that your TV speakers couldn’t. 

This, combined with Dolby Digital decoding, enables customized audio production for virtually any type of entertainment. Whether you desire crystal clear speech or accurate film acoustics, the soundbar-subwoofer can effortlessly fine-tune the audio for superb sound quality.


  • Built-in Bluetooth for music streaming
  • It includes a wireless subwoofer
  • Polk Adjust Technology


  • Typical remote control
  1. LG SN9YG

The LG SN9YG is a product to be reckoned with when generating audio, thanks to Meridian’s sophisticated DSP technology. This speaker creates a seamless soundscape by simulating a large soundstage. With Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X, this is one of the highest-quality soundbars available, delivering the cleanest and most costly audio in movies. 

With spatial awareness AI technology, the LG SN9YG can optimize its speaker settings to work with the room, no matter where your TV is. If your SmartHome system allows it, you may connect the soundbar to it, and you can also control it with voice commands, just like other LG products. That means you can control the soundbar with your voice and navigate it hands-free.


  • Bluetooth compatibility 
  • Everything is included in the box
  • Built-in speaker system


  • No WiFi

Conclusion on Does Samsung Soundbar Work With LG TV?

Does Samsung soundbar work with LG TV? You may use a Samsung soundbar with an LG television. You can connect it through HDMI, Digital optical, and Auxiliary cables, or connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth (if it has those characteristics). 

HDMI is the best method to go if you want the highest sound quality. Digital optical, of course, provides excellent sound. It’s lovely to have your speaker connected wirelessly via Bluetooth if you desire convenience, and it’s easy to connect using an auxiliary connection. Only one question remains: which will you pick?

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