Why is my Sony Sound Bar Crackling? How to fix Crackling Speakers

“Why is my Sony sound bar crackling?” Well, you are not alone in this, a couple more Sony sound bar users have had the annoying crackling/popping sound. And it is time you get rid of it following this article.

Your Sony sound bar is crackling due to cable not being firmly connected, fried woofer voice coil, or volume level set too high, which clips the amp. A damaged wire or wireless interference will also cause a Sony sound bar to crackle or pop.

Common cases showed this to be speaker sound interference, so you want your sound bar placed in a different corner. If the problem is not solved, try playin g from a different source.

What causes a Sony sound bar to crackle?

A Sony sound bar will crackle for many reasons. Consider looking into the possible causes below:

  1. The speaker cable connected to the sound bar and receiver is not firmly connected.
  2. The audio source is problematic, and you have not played a different source.
  3. The shielding of the Sony sound bar wire has a cut, causing an audio problem.
  4. One of the sound bar connections at the receiver could be the cause of the distortion, meaning you get rid of that one only.
  5. The sound bar could be making a crackling noise because the speaker balance is set to the middle setting.
  6. You set the volume level too high, which clips the amp, and is not more than your Sony sound bar can handle.
  7. There could be an object in your box interior pressing against the back of the sound bar woofer, which results in the popping or crackling sound.
  8. If your sound bar comes with a subwoofer, it could be the problem. The surround or voice coil will get partially separated if the subwoofer has a mechanical defect. A fried subwoofer voice coil produces a unique burned electronics odor.

Before you return your Sony sound bar for a replacement, consider removing the driver from its cabinet for visual inspection.

Check for loose wires or any possible problem on the back of the driver that presses against the cone.

Do not remove the driver from the cabinet if you have warranty coverage – you may lose it.

How to Fix Crackling Speakers

You have to troubleshoot this problem with the following steps:

  • Turn off your Sony sound bar and audio source, and disconnect them from the power outlet.
  • Check if the speaker wires are firmly connected to the sound bar and audio source such as your TV.
  • Turn off other nearby smart electronic devices to check for possible sound interference.
  • Separate the sound bar speaker wires from any electrical wires it tangles with.
  • If the crackling does not stop, connect your sound bar to a different audio source to confirm if it is an audio source problem.
  • Otherwise, reset your sound bar to the factory default settings.
  • You may have to replace the speaker wires. If the crackling noise is gone, the problem is with the speaker wires.

Before you return the sound bar to Sony or the local store, check the following:

Wireless range

You want to ensure that the subwoofer stays within the wireless range of your Sony soundbar if it uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology (for a smart audio source such as your smartphone).

Depending on your Bluetooth version, for instance, the range is limited. Obstacles such as furniture, walls, etc., can obstruct connectivity.

In this case, move your subwoofer or your soundbar closer within playable range to stop crackling.

Inspect for wireless interference

When playing your sound bar wirelessly, there could be possible interference preventing your Sony sound bar from producing the premium sound you want to listen to.

Look out for other wireless devices in the room, such as your wireless printer, smart TV, cordless phone, router, etc.

To detect sound interference, unplug the wireless device or turn off the wireless module – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. If this works but you need the wireless device active, move it farther from your Sony soundbar.

If the smart device with wireless connectivity has a different wireless channel setting, try a new channel.

Switch to a wired connection

The problem could be a wireless connectivity thing. Switch to a wired connection. If your Sony sound bar subwoofer is wirelessly connected to your Sony sound bar, consider using cables to see if the sound crackles.

This is also important if you cannot reposition your wireless devices to prevent interference.

If the crackling, popping or static noise stops, it is definitely an interference problem. When using a cable, you need shielded cable to prevent interference from other electronic devices.

Best sony sound bar for the money

If your sound bar will not stop crackling and is old, age fried it. You now need a new reliable sound bar that will not make a crackling noise.

Consider the best Sony sound bar options below:

Sony HT-S350 soundbar with wireless subwoofer

The HT-S350 is premium sound, just what you need to replace your crackling Sony sound bar. It also arrives with its subwoofer, so you might have to retire your old subwoofer.

Sony HT-S350 features include:


This sound bar arrives with a wireless subwoofer to complement its already complete sound with optimized deep bass.

Its powerful subwoofer measures 6.30 inches large in speaker unit, and 6.16-gallon volume to reproduce rich and clear bass.

Audio and output

With up to 7 sound modes, including cinema, gaming, news, sports, and more, the HT-S350 comes alive with up to 320W power output. It pays attention to every breath and lets you listen to what you want.


This Sony sound bar uses the S-Force pro virtual surround sound technology for a theatrical sound experience that surrounds the room.

Packs well-optimized sound, isolates and amplifies voices over noise from the background.

Wireless connectivity

When cables fill the room, you could go wireless using the Sony HT-S350 Bluetooth feature. You can seamlessly stream your favorite TV shows, music and enjoy thrilling gaming sound. Just make sure there is no wireless interference.

In the box

In this Sony box, you have a subwoofer, remote control, optical cable, batteries, sound bar, and user manual. see on Amazon

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos sound bar

When sound enthusiasts say “crystal-clear” sound, they mean the Sony Sony HT-A7000 sound bar.

This sound bar offers the following:


The HT-A7000 is a sound bar solution to supreme music quality immersion, which, according to Sony, “converts regular audio to near 7.1.2 Ch.”

Its 360 reality audio and high-resolution audio mean enhanced sound quality. It delivers a wider sweet spot to fill the room.

The sound field is highly optimized to calibrate to the room.


This sound bar comes with 2 subwoofers you can place on opposite corners to fill the room with premium sound. You also have an optional rear speaker set to complement the experience.

Wireless connectivity

Go wireless with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Chromecast, and Apple Airplay 2. Play your sound without cables, from close range. Make sure there is no interference with other wireless audio devices.

Voice control

Sony builds the HT-A7000 to let you integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant. Take control of not just the sound but also how your sound bar functions entirely. see on Amazon

Sony Z9F 3.1ch sound bar with Dolby Atmos and wireless subwoofer (HT-Z9F)

Crackling or popping noise annoys ears, and the Z9F is designed to rid this problem.

Features in the Z9F sound bar include the following:

Sound technology

This sound bar is packed with, according to Sony, “3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X and Vertical Sound Engine.” It allows up to 7 sound modes optimized for your TV, gaming, and music experience.


Sony Z9F is a high-resolution audio-capable sound bar with 4K HDR. It is fitted with premium voice enhancement to rid sound distortion or potential crackling.

Wireless connectivity

Go wireless with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Stream on all platforms with any smart device using Bluetooth module.

Voice control

Alexa arrives with this sound bar, allowing you to stream podcasts, music, radio, and more from any device connected to Amazon. Just say what you want Alexa to handle.

In the box

The pack houses remote control and batteries, wall hanging bracket, wall mount template, and wireless subwoofer.


Mount this Sony sound bar on the wall to complement your TV design. Quite easy to connect for your cinematic music, gaming, and movie experience. see on Amazon

Things to look for when buying a Sony sound bar

With a crackling sound problem in mind, you want a sound bar sturdily built to keep the connections intact, and with modern features. Look for the following:


Go after high-quality materials, they may cost more but are worth it. Cheapies will quickly expose your Sony sound bar to external factors that result in the crackling noise again.

Wireless connectivity

We discussed earlier that wireless connectivity is one of the causes of crackling sound you get due to interference.

This does not mean ditching a Sony sound bar with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., feature. Just place the sound bar and its woofer (if any) where there is no wireless interference.


HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to connect your Sony sound bar to your TV. With this, you can send audio and control information with one cable. Ensure that your TV is HDMI-compatible.

Power output

Look at the power output when buying a Sony sound bar. Some Sony sound bars allow up to a 320W total power output.

Sound quality

You need a Sony sound bar that takes note of every breath. A sound bar sturdily built with sound quality in mind should have sound enhancement features clearly stated, such as the high-res audio.

Remote control

You will not always walk up to your sound bar to make changes. It is the 21st century, and your sound bar should have a responsive remote control.


For deep and clear bass, you need a Sony sound bar with a subwoofer. Some models arrive with dual subwoofers to fill the room with deep bass.

Most modern accompanying Sony sound bar subwoofers support Bluetooth, get one with Bluetooth to reduce room cables.

How can I make my sound bar sound better?

Make your Sony sound bar sound perform better by doing the following:

  1. Software update

If you have a smart Sony sound bar, ensure to perform software updates to get rid of sound bugs. Updates may be enough to stop crackling noise that may have been caused by conflicting sound drivers.

  1. Use ceiling speakers

Complement your Sony sound bar with ceiling speakers. You may use the EQ feature to customize the sound to meet your demands.

  1. Pair with subwoofer

Subwoofers bring the deep, rich, and clear bass your ears ache for. Sony also intelligently includes woofers in some sound bar models (some are optional) considering the sound impact it offers.

Depending on the size of your room, single or dual subwoofers may be what you need to refine the sound experience.

  1. Minimize connectivity

Multiple connections, especially wirelessly, can cause interference problems, which can lead to crackling noise. To keep your sound bar sound from distortions to sound better, cut off unnecessary connections.

If you have multiple cabled connections, make sure there are no contacts. Separate the wires to be sure they are correctly and firmly attached to the right sources.

  1. Get standard cables

Non-standard speaker wires can cause sound problems, though very minor effects. You need standard and recommended wires to make your Sony sound bar sound better.

Pay attention to quality. Good quality speaker wires produce interruption-free transmission, this means less chance of crackling noise caused by cables.

  1. Soundbar inspection

Do not habituate not checking and diagnosing problems in your Sony sound bar. If you are outside warranty coverage, open the casing of your sound bar or its woofers and inspect for faults.

Get rid of dust yourself or have a technician professionally service your sound bar if you suspect loss of sound signal transmissions.

How long do Sony sound bars last?

Founded in 1946, Sony is generally known for high quality, and so most premium Sony sound bars last really long. “How long” depends on the consumer – how often you use it, exposure to power surge, and more factors.

On estimate, your Sony sound bar should last up to 6 years. Just keep it from dust and chemicals. When you are outside the warranty window, have your local technician inspect it for possible hardware issues that can hinder sound reproduction.

Sony sound bars are typically built sturdily and are suitable for dialogue content. It takes time to degrade, so you can bank in on a replacement Sony sound bar if yours is irreparable.


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