Why is My Sony Sound Bar Echoing?

Why is my Sony sound bar echoing? Of course, you did not buy a Sony sound bar to listen to echoes. Sony is not also a fan of echoey sounds, they are known for top-quality sound production.

Your Sony sound bar is echoing because you have two synchronized speaker systems. Use the optical cable to instruct your TV to use the external speaker. This action mutes the internal speakers and enables multi channel flow from the TV to the Sony sound bar.

The common fix Sony sound bar users apply to fix sound echoing is to mute the TV. Muting the TV will stop sound from the sound bar. You have to get the TV to enable the sound bar.

What is Echo Sound?

Ordinarily, an echo sound is a repeated sound resulting from the reflection of sound waves. You could hear this sound multiple times due to the time difference between the previous sound wave production and the reflecting surface outcome.

In our context, we are looking at what echo sound means in a sound bar. It is simply “TV speaker interference”.

On many TVs, the speakers are placed at the back while the sound bar sits below the TV in your direction. Soundwaves from the speakers take longer to reach you than soundwaves from the sound bar while following a smaller path.

The delay here is the echo you hear from your Sony sound bar.

We can just say that if you hear an echo, there is an active separate sound system, it could be a surround sound system or even the Sony sound bar. It can also be caused if the volume plays through the speakers of your TV or external sound system. Nonetheless, there is more to this which this article discusses as you read down.

Why is My Sony Sound Bar Echoing?

As mentioned earlier, the echo from your Sony sound bar is caused by having two different speaker systems not synchronizing correctly (not always the case).

Through the optical cable, you can set up the external speaker to be active while muting the internal speaker.

You are not supposed to use both the TV and sound bar speakers. You must turn one off, in this case, your TV speaker.

If the sound bar and TV speaker play together, there will be an echo because both speakers are processing at different intervals. This happens commonly on every television.

You should set the audio output settings set to sound sync optical to control your Sony sound bar with your television remote. Nonetheless, some TVs arrive with TV speakers automatically disabled.

You bought a sound bar to use it, so there is no need to enable the TV speakers. Only one should run, and that is the Sony sound bar to avoid echoing.

How Do I Stop My Soundbar from Echoing?

There are several ways you can stop your sound bar from echoing which we pinpoint in this section.

Below are the ways you can stop your sound bar from echoing:

1.      Mute the TV

By muting your TV, you are turning off its speakers for your sound bar speaker channel. On a Sony TV, for instance, you can turn off the TV speakers via the audio settings. Go to settings> sound> audio output and make the changes.

2.      Change audio to bitstream

You can change the audio from linear PCM to Bitstream. This also works on PS4; however, it slightly causes sound delay.

3.      Connect the soundbar via HDMI

It is also a perfect thing to do when you connect your sound bar via HDMI. The HDMI ARC port on your television can produce complete control of your Sony soundbar, including volume, setting, and more, through the TV remote.

You will also experience higher codec compatibility and automatic switching on or off of your Sony sound bar.

4.      Audio dampening

A room can have poor audio dampening, and many sound bar users do not know about it. It is also common in surround sound home theater systems.

You can reduce audio dampening. First, know how sound is reflected, absorbed, and how it refracts off of surfaces.

Smooth and hard surfaces are hard on your audio setup. A smooth surface causes sound waves to reflect easily, creating distinct echoes and reverberations.

Smooth surfaces include concrete, tiles, concrete, bricks, natural stone, rocks, polished hardwood, glass, etc.

These surfaces are predominant in your home, beginning from the floor to the furniture. Ensure to improve audio dampening within your room to stop your Sony sound bar from echoing.

5.      Audio mode

Audio modes can also cause your Sony sound bar to echo. The standard mode seems to have fewer tampers with outgoing sound.

Other sound modes, including cinema mode, lose vocal clarity and more can create an echo. The music mode can push the center stage away which significantly drops the vocals.

6.      Speakers out of phase

You may still hear echo sound from your Sony sound bar even after turning off the internal speaker. The problem can be out-of-phase speakers and not your TV, especially if your TV arrives with internal speakers set off.

Your Sony sound bar features components that produce qthe rich and crisp sound you experience. It is a system of many integrated speakers with left, right, and center channels.

A surround sound soundbar is further built with an integrated subwoofer and sometimes additional satellite speakers.

These speakers are linked together to work in sync, which produces an echo and distortion-free audio output. When the speakers fall out of phase, some speakers will play with delay, causing your Sony sound bar to echo and reverberate.

7.      Audio settings

If you tune your audio devices/systems while playing songs on 320 kbps, you will notice that disabling ‘DSEE HX’ on a Sony sound bar causes less harsh/spiky treble which exposes little or more of the Mids.

There will also be a slight drop in echo on your Sony sound bar when you disable the DSEE HX effect.

Since you are not playing to garbage quality audio from 128 kbps VHS, there is no need to upscale things. The audio can turn out to sound too artificial.

Always refer to your product manual for the steps to make certain changes on your sound bar. If none of the suggestions above work, refer to your product manufacturer.

What to Consider When Buying Sound Bar

Before you buy a Sony sound bar, you want to consider the following things. Your objective is to reduce or completely eliminate the echo.

  1. All-direction sound experience

Sony uses the Vertical Surround Engine, so when getting a Sony sound bar, look at the sound technology employed. It can feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in a single slim unit.

This means that irrespective of the room, the three-front speakers from your Sony sound bar produce sound in a manner that encloses you.

  1. Contemporary sound modes

You need customizable sound modes you can tweak to match your entertainment. Go for a Sony sound bar with multiple sound modes, including Cinema mode, Game studio mode, Sport mode, Music mode, News mode, and more.

Each of these modes is designed to meet your entertainment expectations. When you select a mode that suits your entertainment, you get more involved in the audio than your traditional player.

  1. 4K HDR quality

Modern Sony sound bars feature 4K HDR at 18 Gbps. This is a more refined way to handle music, and become part of the experience.

  1. Built-in wireless connectivity

You should be able to connect to WiFi and bring online music to live. It should also feature Bluetooth so that you stay connected without cables.

  1. Bring your equipment together

You need a Sony sound bar that brings your equipment together. You should be able to stay connected via WiFi, USB, and even through HDMI so you do not miss out on any music action. 

Best Sony Sound Bar to Buy

In this section, we will discuss a few sound bars you can invest your money in when buying Sony models.

Below are the best Sony sound bars to buy:

Sony Z9F 3.1ch Sound Bar

This sound bar lets you stream and manage your audio content from your smart devices without an echo.

Apart from being designed not to echo, the following are other features that make the Sony Z9F your go-to sound solution:

Dolby Atmos 

You have probably heard of the Dolby Atmos, this is a sound feature that brings you to a different world of sounds experience. Sony makes this feature compatible with Alexa.

All-direction sound

Sony Z9F animates sound from all directions with its max 7.1.2 surround sound.

Its Vertical Surround Engine, a new Sony-made surround technology, allows you to experience the thrill of contemporary theater audio formats, including DTS:X and Dolby Atmos all in a single unit.

Music connection sources

You can connect your Sony sound bar via multiple connection sources, including WiFi, USB, HDMI, and more.  see on Amazon

Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar

Sony S100F is another soundbar to look for when buying Sony with no echoey sound. It is properly optimized to render the best sound quality.

Other features the Sony S100F brings to the table include the following:


This space-conscious and compact sound bar is fully designed with a premium tweeter to remake what you know about sound quality.

It features an integrated Bass Reflex speaker which delivers deeper audio. You can easily connect this Sony sound bar to a TV using HDMI ARC. This is your solution to experiencing top-quality room-filling sound through USB or Bluetooth.

In the package

In the package, you have a remote commander and its batteries, cable, including AC cord and optical cable, a setup guide, warranty card, wall mount template, and an instruction manual.

Wall Mountable

You can mount this sound bar on the world to smoothly integrate your entertainment center.

Easy TV connectivity

This Sony sound bar allows you to easily pair with nearby devices and connect to your TV seamlessly.

Sound quality

Sony S100F is built for you to enjoy the sound the way tqq1he artist wants you to. It produces subtle nuances in high resolution and defeats your CD quality.

It always feels like the music artiste is right in front of you when you hit the play button.  see on Amazon

Best Settings for Sony Sound Bar

Setting your Sony sound bar is slightly different on the various Sony models. First, press the sound field and then the corresponding sound field button as it appears on your TV screen.

Note that the sound field feature is not available when you use Chromecast built-in or wireless multi-room function.

When you set your sound effect to off, it disables the sound effect option.

How Do I Adjust My Sony Sound Bar?

It is easy to adjust the sound mode on your Sony sound bar. Press the Home button on your sound bar remote for the Home menu to appear on your TV.

Select the option for Sound mode and change the settings to your preferred adjustment.

You can return to watching the TV by pressing the TV button to exit the Home menu.

Sony Sound Bar Suddenly Stopped Working

In some cases, your Sony sound bar may stop working. But this may not be due to your sound configurations.

First, ensure that the HDMI control of your TV is turned on. You can also set your ARC to automatically turn on or manually turn it on.

Also, ensure to keep your audio device in sound bad input. This will also get rid of the echoing.

If your Sony soundbar is not turning on, press and hold the ‘+‘ button and input select for about 5 seconds for a system reset.

You can also unplug and connect your AC power cord back and then power it on to check if it is now working.

Final Thoughts on Why is My Sony Sound Bar Echoing?

A typical Sony sound bar is designed sturdily with both metal and plastic materials. Sony is also excellent in sound and dialogue content, especially if your model features contemporary sound enhancement features.

If you notice strange performance in sound that you cannot fix with these suggestions, contact Sony’s customer service.

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